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Into The Jungle…

Most days for me right now are consumed with items going on in my personal life and very deep feelings about our country.  I thought I would address some of those concerns that I have regarding many of my thoughts as of … Continue reading

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I havent lost it, it’s just the doors fault

Recently, I’ve been having a troublesome problem.  I get up to retrieve something or make a decision to go and do something and when I get to wherever I am supposed to be, I can’t for the life of me remember why I’m there.  Its become a … Continue reading

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Dr. House

Living with multiple “issues” and each one complicating the other one, I’ve learned to love the show House.  Even though I doubt that the super doctors around the world are as horrible at the bedside as the television persona is, the writing of … Continue reading

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Alrighty then.  I am officially in remission.  My latest bloods from Monday came back clean, for the second time in a row.  Not to get too excited, but even the cervical cultures from last week were free of the usual … Continue reading

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A page from my book of thoughts

Ten years ago I began an adventure.  A writing.  A book.  Below is the first page of that book… Tears of Jody I’ve wanted to do this for years.  Maybe a decade.  Why? To share a person with the world.  The … Continue reading

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The First Lecture…

If you have read me, you know that most of what I write is about experiences that I have had, good or bad in my life.  Most circle my family and friends and this piece wont be much different in most … Continue reading

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Totally Stolen…

A blogging friend of mine found this fun, ongoing meme called “Unconscious Mutterings“. A new list of words is posted every week for an ongoing exercise in free association. She said, Apparently, over time, this technique is supposed to help recover repressed thoughts … Continue reading

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Slumbering Rain

Why is it that the sound of rain for some people or even a good old fashion thunderstorm is what the doctor ordered for a good nights sleep?  That is how it’s always been for me.  Give me a long … Continue reading

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This Will Leave You in Stitches…

  Vintage Stitches Makers… Just the other day, Darien was helping me look for something that I lost and while climbing over the back of a chair, she toppled backward, hitting the back of her head, smack on the front … Continue reading

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The Tethered Tires, Holding Me Together

I’ve been thinking recently about a time during my life.  A moment when I almost ended my life.  I was seriously considering leaving the planet and something stopped me. It was 1987 and I was having a bad year.  My husband … Continue reading

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