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Into The Jungle…

Most days for me right now are consumed with items going on in my personal life and very deep feelings about our country.  I thought I would address some of those concerns that I have regarding many of my thoughts as of … Continue reading

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A page from my book of thoughts

Ten years ago I began an adventure.  A writing.  A book.  Below is the first page of that book… Tears of Jody I’ve wanted to do this for years.  Maybe a decade.  Why? To share a person with the world.  The … Continue reading

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The First Lecture…

If you have read me, you know that most of what I write is about experiences that I have had, good or bad in my life.  Most circle my family and friends and this piece wont be much different in most … Continue reading

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The College Search…Take Two

Tomorrow, my son and I embark on a two-day trip around New York to visit a few colleges and universities that he is interested in attending for his post high school years.  We recently visited Siena College in Albany and … Continue reading

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Is there a crack in my mind, or is it a Matrix?

I think there might be a Matrix.  I’ve sat up nights recently wondering if I’m all there.  I’ve stared at the palm of my hands wondering what I am.  I catch myself covering my ears to news that I just don’t want to hear.  … Continue reading

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The Family Tree

My recent time spent with close family has brought me to looking at my family tree again.  If you have never researched where you family has come from, you really should.  My journey over the past six years has been … Continue reading

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A Bad Day for Haiku and A Mother’s Heart

I will remember this poem as if I wrote it yesterday.  Jordan was four years old and in the middle of a terrible fight with her body.  She had to have a 13 hour back operation to fix her scoliosis, or the … Continue reading

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